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Tanner Tees

Tanner TeesJoe H. Tanner Baseball Products was founded by retired coach Joe Tanner after nearly fifty years in baseball. Joe realized a need in the game and solved it with the first Tanner Tee prototype. It was lightweight, portable, and easy to work the inside and outside part of the plate. It disassembled with ease and could be transported from the cage to the ball field in nearly any personal equipment bag. His tee was adjustable and held its height based on friction mechanics. Joe earned three patents for his Tanner Tee.

Tanner Tees are used in every big league batting cage, thousands of college and high school programs, and training facilities all around the world. They are the industry standard batting tee, the only tee with 25 years of proven durability.

We carry adult and youth size Tanner Tees that can be used for baseball & softball.

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We also manufacture screens and lacrosse goals!

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